Voronezh State University
of Engineering Technologies 


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Welcome to Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies


Students: 8000

Students from foreign countries: 300

Professors: 90

Faculties: 7

Year of foundation: 1930

City: Voronezh

Population: 1000000

Country: Russia

Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies is situated in the center of Voronezh the capital of Black Soil Region of Russia.

Voronezh is a city located in European part of Russia, 500 km from Moscow, the capital of Russia, on the banks of the reservoir of the Voronezh river. It is the administrative center of Voronezh Region. The population is about one million people. There are 9 state higher education institutions, 5 theatres, several museums and libraries. The city is multi-confessional and cosmopolitan. The majority of population is Russian. The outstanding features of Russian people are love and sympathy, sacrifice and responsibility, solidarity and mutual assistance. The feelings of internationalism and tolerance have been brought up for many generations.

About 47,000 engineers for food and chemical industries including more than 3,000 foreign graduates were trained at the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies during its 80-year history. There is a preparatory faculty for foreign citizens, where the applicants are taught Russian and study for entrance examinations in major subjects.

Nowadays more than 8,000 students, including 300 students from foreign countries, study at the University. All international students are paid state academic scholarships and are provided accommodation in student hostels.

The University is staffed with nearly 500 faculty members, including 90 professors, more than 300 PhDs. The tuition is carried out in small groups of 10-15 students. In 2011-2012 the University ranked No. 26 among 305 technical higher education institutions of Russia.

The University has provided degree training since 2006. Future bachelors, specialists and masters are trained in classrooms and labs equipped with up-to-date facilities, in multiple-access centers, in scientific and experimental centers of enterprises and organizations where the students have their practical work. Our students can carry out research under supervision of our teachers and professors, take part in scientific conferences, have the results of their work published in scientific magazines and collections of articles. The scientific library fund comprises more than 1,000 000 books. The reading halls are equipped with computers with free Internet access.

All the students are involved in different festival and competition activities, in the work of creative teams. Every year the student University team participates in competitions in 30 kinds of sport. Our students are put on hold to Russian Olympic team.

Our graduates have high chances of job placement. Today the VSUET is a leading technological higher education establishment in educational sphere of Russia.

Since 2011 bachelor, specialist and master training is provided in the following specialist areas:

Bachelor student course

Bachelor training Specialization areas A list of entrance exams
Heat and Power Engineering no specialization area  Russian language,
Technical Systems Control Control and informatics in technical systems
Automation of Technological Processes and Production Automation of technological processes
Information Systems and Technologies Information Systems and Technologies
Applied Informatics  Applied Informatics in Economics Russian language,
 Informatics and ICT
Technological Machinery and Equipment Machinery and Apparatuses for Food Production Russian language,
Food Engineering of Small Enterprises
Applied Mechanics no specialization area
Quality Control
Standardization and Metrology
Foodstuffs from Vegetable Row Materials Technology of Grain Storage and Processing Russian language,
Technology of Bread, Confectionary and Pasta production
Technology of Sugar Production
Technology of Fermentative Production and Wine- making
Technology of Fats, Essential Oils and Perfumery
Foodstuffs of Animal Origin Technology of Meat and Meat Products Russian language,
Technology of Fish and Fish Products
Technology of Milk and Dairy Products
Production and Food Service Technology no specialization area   Russian language,
 Chemical Technology Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances Russian language, Mathematics, Chemistry
Polymer Processing Technology
Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Components
Biotechnology Food Biotechnology Russian language,
Power and Resources Saving Processes in Chemical Technology Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology Machinery and Apparatuses for Chemical Plants Russian language,
Environment Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources
Technosphere Safety Environmental Engineering
Economics Finance and Credit Russian language,
Social Studies
Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
Global Economics
Management Production Management
Service no specialization area
Commercial Business Commerce
Merchandizing Merchandizing and Expert Examination in Production and Distribution of Agricultural Raw Materials and Food Products
Hotel Management Restaurant Business Russian language,
Social Studies,
Tourism no specialization area

Master student course

Master Training Areas A list of Entrance Exams
Economics Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Examination
Technological Machinery and Equipment
Applied Mechanics
Technical Systems Control
Automation of Technological Processes and Production
Quality Control
Standardization and Metrology
Applied Informatics
Chemical Technology
Power and Resources Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry and Biotechnology
Foodstuff from Vegetable Raw Materials
Foodstuff of Animal Origin
High-tech Manufacture of Functional and Specialized Food Products
Production and Foodservice Technology
Technosphere Safety

Specialist training

Specialist training A list of Entrance Exams
Fundamental and Applied Chemistry Russian Language,
Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Russian Language,
Information Security of Automated Systems Russian Language,
Technological Machinery and Complexes Design